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Rust Cleansing

Silence has already spoken
They have all failed to hold their chairs
Shame left it's print on their faces
Muted and perfectly there
And so am I

Rust, cleansing in harm

Echoes of laughter and beauty
Cleverly disguised and still and cold
In every eye silver mirrors without compassion
Plasterlike face ignores the call
And so will I

Rust, cleansing in harm
The unforgiving mask that drives the lesson home
The fear that ties us down and leaves us all alone
We are all alone

Screaming beneath placid gazes
No one is there to break the fall
Spineless and amazed we greet the metaphor
That leaves us as beggars at the door
And so we tie

Rust, cleansing in harm

The bond that ties us holds
Hate the price we pay

Madder Mortem


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