Tunnels Sözleri | Şiir Dünyası
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This is real,
This night reeks of regret, we make mistakes,
We can't turn back time,
But if we could, we would change the past,
Not act on impulse, or see in red,
The pavements can tell, a thousand stories,
So watch your every step, the walls have eyes,
Battered and broken, we stand together,
Earning respect from the things we regret,
Armed to the teeth,
These four walls will break us,
In one night I fell in love, this isn't real,
But it feels so right, intoxicated, No one knew this night, would turn out like this,
But we have to go back, this is something that no one wanted.
We'll make a good time, out of a bad situation,
Lets paint the town red,
Then never walk these streets again,Then never walk these streets again,
Tunnels to my heart….
like cheap shots in the dark,
And I'm sorry for the trouble I have caused,
God knows we're paying for it now,
God knows we're paying for it now,

Heart In Hand


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