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Time Is Suffering

Time is suffering I told you
I've found a doom in my daddy's eyes
Feed the world, gun in my hand
Refrigerator without the heart
I want to stop that
Don't stop me
I live in mirror I've filled blood
Several tongues wriggle in my mouth
Overwhelming dreams I can't live without
Time is suffering I said again
You can touch me
But you not accept
I can hide
I can't die
Kill me if you can brother
Fuck me hard if you want doll
I like when you torturing me You can do everything you desire
You can do it

You're not different to me
But I'm different to you
Love is expensive
Is some kind of passion
That's why you blind after bitter lesson
I can hide
I Can't die

It's pleasant time for death
Happiness is an episode in a lifetime
I'm not sensitive
It's fucking bullshit
Get out of my way!

Bright Ophidia


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