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Swamp Devil

Rolling down the highway crossing five county line
Big Block Chevy, Lord can't save me going to have myself a time.
Popping that switch, hit nitrous burn an engine on this ride,
Ain't doing fifty, passing hundred twenty going to bury that old red line

Swamp devil, she a helluva machine
Straighten curves like the General Lee
Ain't nothing going to stop that hell ride
On a dark night, hear her scream
On a dark night, you hear her scream
Well I done tripped out on Southern rock going to get high as hell.
Four on the floor, give me a little more gotta get up out of here.
Meet me down in Macon, gotta a case of home made wine.
Pour me a swig, time to get big shit will make you go half blind.

Three more stops to make Johnny Law getting hot on tail.
Lord can't save me burning up the pavement,
Gotta get on out of here ride out in the sunset,
Ain't got a god damn place to be.
Old dog and my woman, gotta get along last you all see of me.

Artimus Pyledriver


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Artimus Pyledriver

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