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Our Conclusion

What I seek is a final conclusion,
All I want is a fucking closure.
'Cause this is not how things are supposed to be,
What I offer you is a chance to come clean.

With an open heart I reach for your hand.
With my own wounds now stitched I'm ready to
Forgive you...

Why can't you talk to me,
Why can't you explain to me.
I've gone to hell in the mourning the painful past.
I don't want you to be my bride,
I just want a peace of mind.

Drown in your own ignorance... [2x]

Talk to me! Talk to me!
I have found my own forgiveness,
You still seem to stuck in guilt.
You never saw everything we had built.
You will never pull my strings again.

Never again...

From this moment you mean nothing to me,
And our journey has come to an end.
From now on I sever the ties,
That kept me waiting for too long...

I will not repent!

My feelings for you have faded.
You had a chance to fix me...
My feelings for you have faded.
My love for you has ended.

Artificial Heart


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