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My Confession

This is my confession of being selfish and selfcentered, I've been misled...
By substances, material and all other false happiness.

I can't remember the last time I felt complete. [2x]

I'm not the only one whose lost the way,
I'm not the only one whose being misled,
I see it in everyone, I see it in everyone...

We are the victims, We have been misled! [2x]

We have been sleeping so long, It's time to move on,
We have to be strong, to gain the sense of right and wrong!

We are a fragile race, our lives we must embrace. [2x]

This is our deliverance from being misled by our world's false beliefs...
All we need to do is look at ourselves, Where we came from and to where we want to go now.

Artificial Heart


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