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Endless Shore

From the beginning of time, human beings have been
poisoning nature's creations.
Building structures, weapons and ways to drain our
planet out of all resources.
They gain power to compete each other and try to
become the one and only race.
They never learned to respect the natives,
benefits and control is all that matters now.

Hear me now, my voice over all!
And if you don't, I will destroy you all!

I'm sitting here by the endless shore,
watching the ocean and crimson skies.There is no sun, I've turned it off.
There is no clouds, just a cutting-sharp moon.

I've released the seas to rage over you.
You will repent, you will repent.

Face your doom.
Humans are just a waste.
There is no escaping this!

As i opened my eyes today, all the colours I could see,
were just the crimson sky and sea.
I won't close my eyes today, untill here is nothing left for me.

Artificial Heart


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Artificial Heart

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