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Worm Harvester

Punctured - by a thousand probing pinheads
Blanketed - by fleshbeds of syringes
Paralyzed - in muffled writhing
Suffocating - frozen in shock
Catatonic coma – a warm, worm harvester
Lucid larvae share in the emptiness of your dreams…
Infected with billions of eggs…
Feel them grow and twitch – incubated cyst
Bubbling blisters leak – 'I thought I heard one speak…"
Swarmed from head to toe – milky overflow
Pockmarked human husk – a bitter, bleachy musk
Just before you finally fade away into the relief of death
Feel them hatch and squirm
Healthy, strong - you've kept them warm...
Digging from underneath the skin
Translucent teeth resemble tiny fins
Shredding all that's left from within
'Incubation of a million pins."

Artificial Brain


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