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Wired Opposites

Antique satellite solitude
Cyborg sentient molecules
After it purges its bowels into the night sky
It's free of light, free of programmed cognizance
Free from wired opposites, free to implode on itself into afterlife
Unchained from spite…

The flea that sucks at the udder, chittering through centuries…
The gravity that drains all gutters, the chattering laughter of silent space…

The swirling gaseous halo, leaving embers of entire systems…
The rat that ate its own tail until it became God…

As I'm blinking, witness visions, witness suns
Witness the words of planets with tongues

Into blackness, into nothing
Limitless potential…
Abysmal night sky!
Gorged on the ghosts of dead stars!
Scarred by rotting light – one day, when days are no more, you'll be pure…

Artificial Brain


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