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Orbital Gait

Tides that sweep all shores, of all vast stretches, of all bouldered beaches
To the streams and rivers of ebbed reaches
Cling to the grounded balance of gravity
Precipitated moisture locked in atmospheric lull
Planets perception becomes cataracted
As the empty fog of dreams darkens…
Contaminating seas in seconds, holocausting plants from below
Waves of festering nausea, beached whales writhe under the crows
Darkness concentrated, slick and pulsating
Floods uncharted equations, consuming stability
Once a fertile sphere, now a diseased bowel
'Perpetually reflushing its own soul sepsis"
Expansive energy clouds of misted souls seep from neighboring wormholes,
Infusing dead worlds as enliched bacteria gushes forth from craterous pores.
Resurrected in eternal life.



Artificial Brain


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Artificial Brain

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